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On a demandé à un Billing Manager...24 juillet 2015

my experience, details of the job and pay, the hours I would be available to work, summary of benefits, what my daily responsibilities would be, and a tour of the office.

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gave my past experience (brought my resume at the interview as a reference), went over my medical billing experience and listened to the rest of the interview as it was informal. Moins

Wright & Filippis

Standard corporate questions. What are your strengths, weaknesses, teamwork acceptability, working on your own, able to make decisions.

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Assurance HealthCare

How long I have been in management

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4 years and I feel I am a good and fair manager

M-Scribe Medical Billing

My skill set handling multiple clients with various software.

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My current knowledge of medical software, the implementation of several EHR/EPM and my ability to quickly learn allows me comfortable transition to new clients. Moins

Havas Worldwide

all related to my previous job

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Providence Life Services

Why did I think I was qualified for the job?

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I gave them my job experience


How many pineapples were consumed in the US last year?

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The interviewer was looking to see if you took an analytical approach to answering a question you don't have information on. Moins


What recent accomplishment am I proud of?

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Promotion at my last job.


What qualities do I value

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honesty accountability and loyalty


What was something in a play employment that made you proud of yourself

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I explained when being transferred to a new office to help with scheduling our clients to our caregiver, I alone brought in $1500 in one week Moins

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