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UnitedHealth Group
On a demandé à Billing Representative...16 mai 2022

talk about a time you had to share devastating news to a patient?


What is your salary range?

Ohio's Hospice

Describe your prior billing experience.


How do you motivate your team and stay motivated yourself.


What types of invoices are you most familiar with?


Diversas perguntas realizadas e testes aplicados, em português e depois reaplicados novamente em inglês.

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Iniciei o processo, mas após dois meses participando de entrevistas e testes abandonei o processo porque a empresa nunca passa retorno e quando passa é demorado. Moins


I was asked about previous experience.


Scenario on what was time where I was not successful

UC Irvine Health

How do you handle employee engagement in the department you manage? Do you know how to use Excel and pivot tables? Have you given performance reviews to staff working under you? What would you do if 2 staff members are having a conflict?


Why are you leaving your current job

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To have a proffessional growth specializing in accounting/finance and become an internationally qualified specialist. Moins

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