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American Type Culture Collection
On a demandé à un Biological Scientist...24 avril 2022

Standard questions one would expect about having knowledge of cell cultures.

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My answer to all of their questions was well received until the last interview, where as I said before, was quite a different experience. Moins

Florida Department of Health

Tell me about yourself.

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Keep it brief and focus on points that would relate to the position

Brammer Bio

What is your experience with molecular cloning?

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Hi, how is your experience in the company so far? I am applying for a Lab tech manufacturing position and during the interview it was not clear how would a daily work look like. Moins


Upon reconstruction of a bridge over a river what types of   issues/impacts would you expect to encounter? what types of documents and permits would you need to prepare? what would be your role(s)/responsibilities in the project? Upon reconstruction of a bridge over a river what types of   issues/impacts would you expect to encounter? what types of documents and permits would you need to prepare? what would be your role(s)/responsibilities in the project?

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Potential issues: Bats or swallows on the bridge.
The River itself can be habitat to certain listed species. There could be many issues that we may have to encounter; the impact to the river poses impacts to the waters of the US or waters of the state. My roles and responsibilities are: 1) to prepare Streambed Alteration Agreement with the California department of fish and wildlife. 2) The Army Corps of Engineers also has jurisdiction on the Waters of the US and I need to apply for Section 404 permit. 3) I also, need to obtain Regional Water Quality Control Board and apply for Section 401 Certificate. Also, there could be impacts to riparian habitat and wetlands. These types of habitat can provide habitat to various threatened or endangered bird species such as flycatcher or least bell’s vireo. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the river, we may have to protect threated or endangered fish species such as razerback sucker. And I need to prepare Natural Environmental Study or a Biological Assessment and consult potential impacts with the California Department of Wildlife, if we determine there is impacts on the threatened or endangered species Before the demolition of the old bridge, there could be issues with swallows or bats and we should remove them. Again we need to make proper coordination with the wildlife agencies for removal of nests. I need to make sure we mitigate the impacts to the waters or endangered species or habitat through coordination with the outside agencies and I try to do my best to make sure we fully mitigate the impacts according to the terms of the permits and agreements with the resource or regulatory agencies. Moins

University of South Florida

Why are you applying for this position though it's in a slightly different field from what you do now?

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My husband and I are moving to the area and I realize that the job prospects in my field were sparse so I needed to switch gears. Moins

Astrix Technology Group

how to make a master mix

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told them how to make it

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Conceptualize some scenarios that you would encounter in the position

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Answer honestly and analytically

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

How would I handle a manager who accused me of misunderstanding his orders?


Why do you want to work for Synthace?

University of Florida

Hardest one - What do you not like to do?

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