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On a demandé à un Science and Biology Teacher...1 février 2016

- If I am able to control a noisy class - What am I gonna do if students do not behave well

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To control a class you need to make sure you have a good relationship with your students Not only that, also while you teaching your lessons should he super interesting , in order for them not to be bored. If they are focused automatically they wont be noisy and class will be well controlled and busy Moins

Let the student "time out", away from the rest of the class

First i will try to make a good rapport with kids,i will talk friendly to each with mention their name and comment about their appearance,and ask about their favorite game,then i will tell to them",first we need to become silent and behave well,then we will play a wonderful game..if they continue their undesirable behavior,i just change their environment....i think these stratagy will work. Moins

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How much would you like to charge?

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$50/hr for scheduled sessions. $100/hr for QuickTutor's official QuickCalls feature. Moins

I charge $65/hr and clients are always down for it. The app has a really good balance between high end teachers and cheaper graduate-level/college tutors, so it actually works out really well. if a client declines to work with me, they always seem to find someone which makes me happy because my goals are really about helping people. This is a part time job for me and something i really excel in as a person who has recevied a bachelor's degree in my area but yet don't work in that area. it works! Make money for your time, and help other ppl!. love it Moins

The Children's Creative and Performing Arts Academy

I was asked about my teaching experience.

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College chemistry and biology courses, discussion sections, and laboratory sections. Moins

Miami Dade Public Schools

ask about experience and teaching style

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gave a general idea of teaching style and gave real life scenarios on how I would handle certain situations Moins

Conroe Independent School District

How would the first 5 minutes of your class be?

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How have you handled a disrespectful student

Noble Schools

A student has their phone out in the bathroom and is one detention away from not graduating--what do you do?

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Why is it important to teach underserved students in Chicago?

Dr. Reddy's

Why do you want to work here.

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I think this company is a platform to learning many skills ,to improve my knowledge and I my skills are suitable for this company Moins

Western Heights School Dist 41

I was asked about my experience with IEPs.

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I wasn't given an opportunity to answer - one of the other teachers gave me a five minute lecture on what an IEP was (of course I'd learned about them in college and dealt with them while student-teaching). Moins

Emirates National Schools

Usual questions. Tell me about yourself. How do you manage difficult children? How do you get through to the students particularly if there are attitude or language barrier problems? Etc.

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I answered these questions as I always do. And I have been very successful in the past, receiving very reasonable offers. I also asked whether there was any reason that the interviewer may not see me as suitable for the role. To which he responded that he was quite satisfied with what he heard from me. Moins

Oakland Unified School District

One thing they asked was what you would do if your technology wasn't working.

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I said I would ask other teachers.

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