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On a demandé à un BIOS Engineer...17 février 2012

Had to do bitswapping exercises

3 réponses

Completed it using bit manipulation and masking techniques

yeah, agree

need prepare for bit manipulation

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

earthing, grounding etc

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University of Maryland, Baltimore

What they can learn from me

1 réponses

Recruitment their future employee

Intel Corporation

Cuántos bits tiene la variable int en C

1 réponses

tiene 16bits


Why I wanted to work at there company.

1 réponses

I told them that the type of work was in my area of study.


Are you ok with traveling 75 percent of the time?

1 réponses

Depends on where.

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

introduce yourself ?

1 réponses

tell about family

Intel Corporation

What is the value of 1 shifted 4 bits left?

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Write a function in C for the product of two integers.


How do you want others to describe you?

1 réponses

Problem solver

Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited

goal in 1 year.

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what you want to achieve in three years

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