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Edward Jones
On a demandé à un Municipal Bond Trader...5 septembre 2017

How did you handle a difficult problem in a team based environment?

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Gave an answer about a presentation in college and I had to step up and delegate tasks to complete project on time and with quality. Moins

BNY Mellon

Why are you interested in fixed income? What are your career aspirations? What are your personal strengths/weaknesses.

Wells Fargo

What do you hope to get out of this role and where do you see your progress in the next year?

Founder Securities

How to develop a LSTM to predict bitcoin price

Alternative Strategy Advisors

How can you use your Math skills in this field?

The Blackstone Group

Why are you interested in the Bond Market? - Like I said, very chatty.

Société Générale

bond ? comment on price le bond? qu'es qui influe le bond ? effet de l'inflation ? le repo ? different produit structure ac un bond ? exercices vba

Morgan Stanley

Give an example of a challenging work situation, what you did about it and what was the outcome?

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