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Brotherton Ford Yeoman Berry & Weaver, PLLC
On a demandé à un OFFICE MANAGER/BOOKKEEPER...28 mars 2013

If needed would you be able to travel to other parts of the state to assist if needed?

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At the time I had to say no due to the fact my child was in 4th grade. Now it would be a great opportunity because she is now in college. Moins

A Smart Tax Services (CA)

How did you overcome work challenges

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With work experience and ethic


The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is it today?

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I counted on my fingers for a few seconds before answering Friday.

Knockout Gaming

What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?

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To be successful in this position within Knockout, it requires the person to be extremely detail-oriented, organized, trustworthy, dedicated and loyal. This person needs to be committed to personal and professional development, and be self-motivated with a clear career path in mind. My unique skill set combining office management, bookkeeping, with a degree in Graphic Design lends itself perfectly to meet and exceed the requirements of this position. Moins

What could I do to help this company become organized and up and run as a legal business.

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I described in detail the steps that would be taken in order to collect overdue monies, organize the paperwork, change the petty cash system, implement an accounting program, essentially what I could do to help this company get up and running legally, grow and become a successful company. Moins

Are you familiar with Yardi?

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Not yet.

Fresh Start Foods

Can you actually show up without excuses?

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Do you know QuickBooks?

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I answered yes, then was asked more detailed questions.

Ivester Drywall and Painting

How long I've been in accounting. How long I planned to continue working.

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I told them I had a lot of years left to work.


What would the VAT for 90 VAT INC?

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VAT would be 15. The net amount is 75.

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