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Alln questions asked were directly related to the job I was applying for. There were no difficult or unexpected questions.

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Just be honest when discussing your experience.

Describe a team where you were faced with a particularly difficult situation and how you resolved it?

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I was asked specific questions about a proprietary consulting methodology that I had not worked with and the interviewer seemed a bit put out that I didn't answer as expected.

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- Mostly scenario based questions based on the skills required to execute the role. - One interviewer LOVES challenging cerebral riddles that will test your I.Q. - Expect to meet one-on-one with the CEO.

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There are multiple versions of exchange in an environment, 2003, 2007, 2010 all running together, all the servers have all failed, how do you bring everything back up with minimal downtime? They have no redundancy and have not prepared any back ups.

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How do you work in a multicultural environment.

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Experience related interview?

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How many projects have you completed?

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Calculate the profit levels for payers and providers with given types of medical care or tests required for some population. There was a table of different categories of ailments and necessary care, probabilities and cost of those cares.

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Nothing as such is difficult if your are a genuine candidate.Know your resume well

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