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OneMain Financial
On a demandé à un Branch Account Manager...30 décembre 2016

Any experience in Sales.

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I hired trained the best Director of sales in Brock Hotels corp . and was rated as one of the top ten General managers in the country also experience in negotiating employees union contract with grerat success win win ! I deliver results! Moins

yes, retail

Webster Bank


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Recruiter is very nice. Give me some tips on getting touch with branch manager even before they contact me Moins

OneMain Financial

What's your favorite color

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PNC Financial Services Group

Where do you see yourself with PNC?

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Working mid level management

Rentokil Initial

please you describe about yourself

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I had worked as CE for 2 years before in PT. VADS Indonesia for Oyo and also worked in PT. Shopee Indonesia as Customer Service Live Chat Platinum for 1 years. Moins

OneMain Financial

Have you ever sold loans before?

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No, and if you looked at my resume you would know this.

PNC Financial Services Group

How do you handle a disgruntled customer?

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Providing assistance where your limitations will allow you and if necessary, ask senior bank teller for help if unqualified. Moins

Lendmark Financial Services

Why did you leave your last position ?

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I am looking for opportunity to utilize my skills and experience.

Precision Innovation Group

Are you okay working in a high energy environment?

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I thrive in environments like this, I prefer them over cubicles and complete silence. Moins


What are your expectations about this position?

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My expectations are exposure and experience.

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