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On a demandé à un Brand Manager/Account Director...11 juillet 2012

What position are you interviewing for?

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An Account Director position is know as the Brand Director at 72andSunny. Brand Manager is the title given to account managers. These are two separate job descriptions and titles at the company. Moins

Account Director (or as they call them Brand Managers)

Capital One

Interested in my online experience as Cap1 is exploring this area.

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How did you feel about the difficulty of the online screening tests for verbal and quantitative ability? Were you able to finish all 30 verbal and 18 quant questions in the allocated time? Moins

they bought Chevy Chase bank (verify) and are going to explore online banking (assumption) Moins


Salary requirements and visa status

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Very similar experience with the interview process

Same way as I already filled in the application

Telegraaf Media Groep

Wat maakt jou interessant voor deze functie

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Mijn skills sluiten sterk aan op de functieeisen en daarnaast ben ik in staat me gemakkeijk aan te passen in een team en ik heb een natuurlijke scoringsdrang vanuit mijn voetbalverleden op hoog niveau. Moins


What are the four components of brand management?

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This question came from someone with an IHG background so was looking for that answer. People / Results / Marketing / Product Moins

Greater Chicago Food Depository

The questions were regular for this kind of position, but I was warned when it got to the senior manager about how they were. It seemed kind of strange

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I answered professionally and with humor. I did ask them a question, about what they like about working there and the most senior person said 'what the people lack in skill, they make up for in enthusiasm'. Moins

Brat TV

I was asked questions about my experience as they pertained to the role.

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I answered each question in detail to provide as much relevant information as possible. Moins


How did you deal with difficult/ strong opinionated people in Marketing

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my experience for over 15 years dealing with all kinds of people within marketing. Moins

Liqvd Asia

Whats the campaign that you are proud of working on?

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Listed down the campaign that i worked on, along with the process through which the campaign was arrived at and executed Moins

Premier Foods

Mainly experience based (CV review) and behavioral leadership questions

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Don’t recall

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