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Canadian Tire
On a demandé à un Associate Brand Manager...17 juillet 2018

Tell me about a time when you led a project from start to finish

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Procter & Gamble

The 'what would you do in the case of brand X in the market Y with this specific issue'. It is the classic question that the recruiter has in mind related to his job. The point is not to get it right but to share the thinking process so the recruiter can see how the person thinks

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but' work's pleas

bot buy brand X in market y

will in that case,i would do the right thing to not get harm the health of the people,because we priorities health of the consumers. That would be a shame to the market if that product would not be out of the market............. Moins

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Procter & Gamble

Tell me about yourself, do you have a family?

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Not yet, I just looking for good work and make myself stable before let’s anyone come t my life. Moins

That question violates federal law. You should have reported especially after you did not receive an offer, I would not be surprised that since you circumvented the question the interviewer did not take you seriously Moins

Are they allowed to ask that?

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Nespresso USA

Discuss a challenge and how you overcame it.

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Our company lost furniture experts because corporate announced our store would close. Even though I work kitchenwares I gladly filled in while also keeping in touch with kitchen sales. Moins

We needed to boost sales in kitchen gadgets as part of increasing average value per transaction and I took the lead role in daily in-store product demos. Moins

I knew we were losing sales because of online sales. I decided to study our website’s new in kitchen category on a daily basis because so often sales associates on the sales floor were unaware of new online-only product. We offered free shipping for that category and I was able to repeatedly save sales by keeping up with our website product. Moins

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Emami Limited

Why Calcutta?

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I like Kolkata

Because it is my own town

Its a trap. Most Horrible and de growing city for clipping your wings.

Kraft Heinz Company

Tell me about a well marketed product

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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is the only one that most people think of and has been an icon of this company. Moins

Choose a product and speak to the 4Ps. Product positioning and target consumer, pricing, distribution (place) and promotion (how they are getting their message to their consumers and is it aligned with the positioning). Moins


When did you graduate college? (Really...why not just ask me my birthday) What schools do your kids go to ( that important to the job?)

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I also interviewed for them and despite two efforts to reach out after my in-person interviews, I received no responses at all. Terribly discourteous! Moins

That would be correct...I'm a former employee, and can tell you firsthand, that's exactly what he was trying to do as he is insecure and intimidated by most of the candidates. I know because I witnessed his "screening" processes. Just wrong and unethical and illegal! Moins

I found out later from a current employee that the manager was trying to find people younger than him so he could command respect. Looking back, they interviewed for this position for over a year. I guess no one took his bait. Moins


Why, other than the salary are you interested in doing this role?

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That the compensation was only part of what was fulfilling in a career.

The people, Evey day different, learning new things , my customers is what makes it worth it Moins

My team my customers

Procter & Gamble

Even though I was prepared for most of the questions asked, I got quite stressed during the 2nd round interview - I guess the best option would be to learn the answers by heart ;)

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Please can you elaborate on the reasoning test and First round of interview ? Also what exactly went wrong in the 2nd round with you? I have a test next week ! Please suggest. Thanks in advance. Moins

The reasoning test is quite easy - more or less the same difficulty as the sample test that's available on their website. It's the time pressure that's causing the stress. The interview, well, same questions as most people mentioned in the reviews here (I don't remember mine but they were following the way of P&G interviewing - I was prepared but completely forgot what I wanted to say :) so I just went spontaneously:)). It was a really pleasant experience, a nice conversation. Moins

The only regret I have is that even though there's a note on their website encouraging people to get in touch with HR, I was refused any feedback when I called them (and it was not easy to get through the recption). Overall, you can apply again after 12 months, but only god knows what went wrong last time :( Moins

Kraft Heinz Company

You are an ABM for Chips Ahoy. You notice that sales/revenue is up 5% compared to last year but your total share of the cookie category has declined 5%. How do you explain this apparent contradiction?

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Basically I mentioned that I would want to know what was happening with my existing competitors. Where they experiencing the same thing? In the end, the answer the interviewer was looking for was.....Yes, sales/revenue was increasing for Chips Ahoy, but the cookie category was growing at a faster rate (because of new entrants into the category) than sales/revenue. Moins

Is this some sort of joke question seriously ... Category is growing faster than you are that's how you lose share no brainer Moins

You rose the price. Ly vs ty. Ly comps vs unit comps.

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