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On a demandé à un Bus Driver...31 janvier 2012

which comes first,your family or septa

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they tell you there are no wrong answers(yea right)

I remembered that it should be SEPTA because the excellent job will provide for you and your family for ever. Moins

My answer would be Septa.

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Schmitty and Sons

Do you like working with kids?

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I work at target center work with kids at high school tournaments enjoy it

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do you tie your laces

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Yes,l do tie my laces

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City of Brampton, Ontario

What sort of emergencies have you encountered with your personal vehicle and how did you handle it

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Have an example where you might of failed but learned from it Have an example where you suceeded in an emergency Moins

Public transportation

Emergency light. Put on my four way light and find a safe place to stop and call for assistance Moins

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Primero Transport Services

Are you a driver? how many years experience do you have? were do you work currently?

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Yes....6years experience....lamata lagos.

How can I apply as a drive?

Is driver, 15yrs experience. Tuc t&I transport LTD.

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Arriva Group

What made think about joining us?

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I enjoy to help people. As Bus driver i will be able to help customers with information / direction, which bus to take, etc. To make them confortable during their journey Moins

Secure job, like driving, job satisfaction getting people to there destination. Moins

Arriva is good company. They have good reputation.They provide great opportunity for future. Moins

Houston Metro

Same questions..How would you do this or that? How is your defensive driving? What do you like about Metro? There is nothing but basic questions?

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Nothing hard to answer.

Is this the test that they first bring you in for??

Do you have to take a written and driving test for the position


How would you handle a passenger who is swearing and upsetting passengers?

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I would politely ask the passenger to leave the bus, if they refuse I would call the depot on the radio to have the police called. The one thing you NEVER do; is leave your cab! Just call the police. Moins

I will politely ask the customer to leave the bus

I will politely ask the customer to leave the bus

Dublin Bus

If an unaccompanied, upset child got on your bus late at night with no means of payment, what actions would you take?

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I would ask the Yong child what's his name then I'll ask what age he or she is and where is your mother and father is and then I would call the garuds just in case he or she is a missing child Moins

Use your common sense. Ask the child if he or she is ok and where are they going and take it there. Ring the guards and ask for advice. Moins

I'd issue a one cent ticket

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would you consider working weekends or split shifts?

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Are weekends and split shifts a prerequisite for employment consideration?

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