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J.P. Morgan
On a demandé à un Project Manager/Business Analyst - Associate - IB Ops...29 novembre 2010

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

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I'm sincerely interested to get opportunity to this company. Hope if I am hired.

I'm Post graduate looking forward for the role which suits me

Digital River

What is your favorite word?

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I have a hard time deciding between incongruous and anti-disenfranchisement.


Orane Consulting

Describe your work.

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Look at its past work. suggestion- connect with ex employees and current working. Moins

Project Management & Business Consultancy.


what is your past experience ?

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you tell them about your over all experience including summer trainings

Beauty consultant Yves Saint Laurent


The whole interview is based on a test of allotting time to workers based upon different variables. Essentially logic.

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I had two friends who work for them and I was told to prepare for the different stages of a credit card transaction, not said test. It's not that difficult, but I panicked as not being prepared. Once we started going over it it started making more sense. Moins

The Money Source

Questions were pretty generic, though I had the feeling the hiring manager didn't actually read my resume before the interview. The biggest issue red flag was an impromptu spelling test. Hiring manager claimed it was to see if I knew the proper use of contractions and the distinction between whose and who's, teams and team's. I wondered if the "test" presented to all candidates or if she was just looking for an excuse to exclude. Interviewer kept stating that an apostrophe is being used as a contraction.

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I replied that it can also be used in a the possessive form and not just for contractions. Moins

Almac Group

What do you think will be the biggest change or adjustment from your current role?

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I was changing industries, so answered that the biggest change will be working under FDA regulation and all the stringent guidelines and paperwork that entails. Moins


Have you read this book? (Osterwalder's Business Model Generation)

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No, but I will. (in fact, I bought it online at the airport and started reading it; when invited to deliver my presentation, I've already finished it and I include at the end of the PPoint slides my view of the business case studied based on the things explained in the book - a big surprise for them, unexpected because it was not asked). Moins


On cherche à comprendre le CV envoyé et la personalité du candidat.

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Répondre ce que vous avez écrit sur le Cv et soyez vous-mêmes


What is your ideal job?

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To be independently wealthy and not need to work to support myself

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