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On a demandé à un Business Consultant...24 avril 2017

Why do u want to join our firm?

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Want to know about the recruitment cycle.

I have read up on your company’s web site and I really believe your company is one that is going from strength to strength. I also went to social media and asked people what is was like to work here and they all gave positive reports. As a result I believe your company is one that is really going places and treats its staff well. Although I have the skills you need, there are aspects of the role that would make it a challenge. And I love a challenge. I really want to deliver top quality work and thus be part of a company I can be proud of. Moins

Sorry I dont have proficient knowledge of recruitment cycle.

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Do you know SQL?

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Hi, can you please tell something kind of the task you were given on the onsite interview? thanks Moins

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Just be able to explain example of your sales success. They will bring you on regardless as a contractor before being offered full time employment. They are looking for as many bodies as possible for market penetration whether you are qualified or not.

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weren't they 9 sales in order to receive the salary? it's just a question

So shady...don't go there...look at the three comments above...the answers always change in order to move carrot in front of a donkey Moins

1099 gets paid $150 per sale usually need 8 to become full time

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Eze Software

How many degrees do the hour and seconds hand form at 3:15?

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The clock face is divided into 12 segment, and since the entire circular face is 360 degrees, each segment is 30 degrees. Each of these segments represents one hour of movement for the hour hand, and 5 minutes of movement for the minute hand. At 15 minutes past the hour, the minute hand is pointed directly at the 3. Let's call this angle 0. Also at 15 minutes past the hour, the hour hand will be one quarter of the way to the next hour. In the case of the example you give, it will be one quarter of the way between 3 and 4. Since we know that the hour is 30 degrees of hour hand movement, 15 minutes equates to 7.5 degrees for the hour hand. Moins


90's asking for the hours and seconds hand, not the minutes.


Very in-depth family background check.

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Thanks god, you didn't join!

LOL, you lucky! You just escaped from the hell !!

Oh damn.. I thought I kena only.. probably this is like their culture on how to make sure that you can handle the stress level... lol.. Moins


What are your weaknesses

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My another is weakness is believing all it is worst weakness I can't change it. I can say its my attitude and strength. Moins

I'm a straight forward person and people can't hear the truth about themselves. I cannot follow people blindly, I'll always question if I feel it's not the right way or thing can be improved. Moins

For example when I am doing any project I will wait or I will not get the interest till the deadline. Obviously I will complete project before deadline but I will complete in stress because I will have lot of Stress at that time. This is my weakness. I will complete work but in less time wasting more time. Moins

Eze Software

You wash up on shore with 3 crates next to you. They are labeled apples, bananas, and apple & bananas. You kniw each is labeled incorrectly. Which crate would you choose from to guarantee you know which crates belong to which label?

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If you pick up each crate to see how heavy they are, the crate with the apples and bananas will be the middle weight since it will be somewhere in between the weight of a crate with either all apples or all bananas. Moins

Doesnt matter.

Apples and bananas


Your resume is tailored to this job, did you make it up?

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As a matter of fact I did, I saw what you were looking for in the position and I tailored my relevant skills to reflect those items. Every resume should be tailored to the position that's being sought. Moins

The correct answer is: As a matter of fact I did, over a period of years. (that should elicit another question). Moins

No answer. I just stared at her.


Why do you want to leave your current position at your current company?

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The room to grow professionally has decreased; after many years on the project and working in many different positions, it's time to move on to something new and challenging. The current company and job are not bad, it's just that there is no longer room to grow. Moins

So I have more free time for anal sex

So I have more free time for anal sex


Did ou want to open your own early childhood center

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