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Century Business Solutions
On a demandé à Business Relationship Manager...18 août 2017

do you think, as a mother, you can handle all that's expected of you?

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Wow... thats a really illegal question to

Yes, Calvin is incredibly sexist and also thinks his company should take precedence over personal life and family. Moins

yes, i have a strong support system and my husband works varying hours during the week so my kids are taken of Moins

The SpyGlass Group

What is your weakest quality

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Getting bombed with coworkers on a nightly basis and being brainwashed into thinking that is normal or appropriate... Moins

Chasing leads that were a waste of time

Sagacious Consultants

Mostly what accounts have you brought on-board your current company? How many people do you have at those accounts

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How did you get that account? Who at the site did you speak with to get that account? Moins

I was recently hired at Sagacious Consultants, and have to disagree 100% with this question. I am very well versed in Healthcare IT, and Healthcare IT staffing, so they had no need to validate my experience with specific client questions. It was likely that these questions to the candidate stemmed from the interviewer's hesitation about their said experience and was delving further to seek if this person truly had the experience they stated they had (if the questions were even asked at all). Sagacious is a #1 in KLAS consulting firm who is currently #1 in KLAS for 2015; they have relationships with most of the Epic clients in the country, and are beginning to see traction overseas in the international market. If this person was not extended an offer it was not because Sagacious Consultants wanted information from them, it was because this person was not qualified for the position in which they applied. Moins

Rocket EMS

Nothing specific. Didn't even look at my resume (I was referred by a friend).

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It was a two-hour long BS session.

So true.

DotMappers IT

We can not pay salay

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i said no

Techsol Corporation

Flexible to take on new challenges?

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Yes, I am flexible to take new challenges and take on new roles.


Al-Futtaim Group

what benefits would you bring to uae

2 réponses

Business Development in order to boost more developments in the United Arab Emirates Moins

To increase the rate of profits and also educate people on how the prevention of losses in their business. Moins

Gati Kintetsu Express

How much business you can Bring in Six Month.

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20 Lac from New Customer in Month Time and Existing business can be also increase by Cross Selling and Upselling. Retention of the customer is also import at the same time. Moins

Does background reference check?


Why do you want to join MyGate

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To develop my sales and negotiation skill sets in a dynamic startup

I would like to join mygate because it's one of the most successful startup and continous growth in this company. We can see there innovation techniques . It's the first gated societies communities and make the people living life easier. Moins


You have 50 coins that add up to $1. You go into a coffee shop to buy coffee that is $1. The shop has a policy that if you are a penny short, you can still get the coffee. You're about to pay and you drop one coin. What is the probability that you can still get a coffee?

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Given that the number of coins are positive integers, and adding two constraints: p + n + d + q = 50 and 0.01p + 0.05n + 0.1d + 0.25q = 1, then there are two solutions that exist in this space. Solution 1: p=40 n=8 d=2 q=0 Solution 2 p=45 n=2 d=2 q=1 Assuming both configurations of coins are equally likely, we take the probability that the coin being dropped is a penny. In the first case this is 40/50 and in the second case it is 45/50. The average of these two is 85%, so there's a 85% chance we can still buy the coffee. Moins

Can you show the math?

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