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On a demandé à Business Intelligence Manager...10 août 2013

You have 50 coins that add up to $1. You go into a coffee shop to buy coffee that is $1. The shop has a policy that if you are a penny short, you can still get the coffee. You're about to pay and you drop one coin. What is the probability that you can still get a coffee?

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Given that the number of coins are positive integers, and adding two constraints: p + n + d + q = 50 and 0.01p + 0.05n + 0.1d + 0.25q = 1, then there are two solutions that exist in this space. Solution 1: p=40 n=8 d=2 q=0 Solution 2 p=45 n=2 d=2 q=1 Assuming both configurations of coins are equally likely, we take the probability that the coin being dropped is a penny. In the first case this is 40/50 and in the second case it is 45/50. The average of these two is 85%, so there's a 85% chance we can still buy the coffee. Moins

Can you show the math?


Are there any areas that you where you would like additional information?

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I asked for some clarification in a couple of areas which they readily provided.

Could you add examples

Next Education India

Are you ready to join the job in between your studies?

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I replied that I am willing to start my career at the earliest and continue my studies. Moins


Why Japan? Why Rakuten? Tell me about your experience. How do you think you'd fit in here in Japan?

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Have you got a counter offer after you declined offer from them ?

Nope. No counter offer, no negotiation at all!


They kept asking me if I HAD ANY QUESTIONS FOR THEM.

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Once i ran out of questions to ask, the interview was over.

Always be ready with questions for them. I study job description and research company online and jot done several questions. Some are answered through process, I let them see me checking them off, make a comment or two and then determine what is still relevant on my list. Moins

Capital One

Keeping $1200 rent if we want to still make 10% return on investment. what should be the occupancy rate?

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the calculation in the above answer are almost correct except profit. profit is 10% of 2M equity investment which is 200,000. Hence the equation would look like this: 200,000= 1440000X-1000000-144000X 1200000=1440000X-144000X 1200000=1296000X X= 1200000/1296000 X=0.925 or 92.5% Moins

New rent max =1200 Still want Profit = $1 million Cost = FC + Monthly Mortgage *12 months + (10%)(Rent)(Occupany Rate)(Number of Apts)12 Months = 400,000+ 50,000*12 + (.10)(1200)(X)(100)(12) = 1,000,000 + 144,000X Revenue = (Occupancy Rate)(Number of Apts)(Rent)12 months = X(100)(1200) 12= 1,440,000X P = R-C still want $1 million profit X = new occupancy rate 1,000,000 = 1,440,000X - (1,000,000+144,000X) 1,000,000 = 1,440,000X - 1,000,000 - 144,000X 2,000,000 = 1,296,000X X = 1.54 or 154% Moins


How would you deal with a problematic customer?

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First of all listening to understand the problem, then involving the person in the solution to the problem to make him/her feel valued. I’d try up to three times this way. But, if the person keeps on bringing problems to the team, I’d replace him or her Moins

prove it with a practical example with one of the members of the team

Tally Solutions

Who will u save when you have to choose betwen ur family and 1000 kids?

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I will save my family. It is like doing what you are responsible for vs doing some thing out of the box. If you failed to do what you are responsible for but did 10 extra things, in the end you failed. Moins

I will save my family


Are you a hunter or farmer?

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farmer ofcourse....


find the lowest floor in the least number of attempts with 2 eggs from where the egg will break

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