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On a demandé à Business Development Manager...25 novembre 2021

Q: take a company that was affected by covid, and present a technological solution.


I was asked many questions; however, I liked their honesty about the challenges of the role and the question that stood out the most was how would I approach the role? Which they showed genuine interest in and asked me lots of additional questions around this and made it feel like we were planning rather than a Q&A.

Mostly based on past experience, how do you assess a credit proposal, structuring, credit/deal evaluation, Presentation, research skills, technical knowledge, contribution in the whole transaction

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Demonstrated my past work and knowledge on the deals and projects, assignments done in past along with explaining the understanding of complex structures of transaction involving various lending products Moins


Standard competency & Industry questions


Es wurde eine Case Study bearbeitet


Lots of situational questions and asking for detailed examples to demonstrate your niche skills and experience


What do you understand about what we do?

Paysafe Group

Basic introduction questions, salary expectations

The HON Company

Tell me about a time you has to tell a customer no.


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