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On a demandé à Transformation Lead...15 juillet 2015

All about my previous experience and any specific activity done in college

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Gave honest replies . Told what all I had done.

Can u elaborate the job and on field review


Describe what "abstract" in java is

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this question is quite a joke...

State of New York

What position would you like to have here in 5 years from now.

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I probably will not work here for 5 years.


They described some of their key problems and asked how I would go about solving them.

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Without going into specifics, I talked about the approach I would take and we had a conversation based upon that. Moins


Imagine you are placed on a project mid way and asked to catch up and start delivering - how and what would you do?

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1. Connect with the project manager and collect all lastest status reports and project objectives. 2. Set quick wins to make an impact right away and work on short term objectives to make sure you helping move forward. 3. If you feel you can't deliver something then voice it early to your project manager. Don't forget that if management didn't feel you were canals they wouldn't have put you on the project. Don't get into negative mind frame and work a little harder to Catch up. Moins

Hamilton Health Sciences

What is your experience with Change Management? I am a ITIL Change Management Architect and chair the CRB (Change Review Board),

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I answered it by providing more job valuation that was asked. I am able to optimize & document the processes, best practices and standard operating procedures. Moins


Do you prefer working as a team or independently? How would you approach presenting a new idea that needed funding from senior management? It needs presenting to peers and senior management. How do you feel about taking on extra responsibility?

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I prefer working with team


Situational Awareness questions

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i answered with how i would deal with an issue, but their feedback was that they were looking for something different Moins

Nottingham Community Housing Association

Unfortunately was withdrawn before i got here but i did the assessment tests just for the challenge.

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I wish they published the scores. I found it challenging and probably only score 80 percentile. Maybe it was for the level i applied for but the questions required a good understanding of rates and statistics. Moins

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

How do handle challenges

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Proactive management of solutions for the problems

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