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On a demandé à Cloud and IT Transformation Consulting...20 janvier 2022

Tell me when you be a leader and what did you learn from it?

Capgemini Invent

Combien y'a t-il de degré entre la petite et la grande aiguille quand il est 15h15? Sinon assez classique


Q: What do you consider your key strengths?


Sometimes thats how startups be I guess


email questions - try to write the star and end and fill in with content


Question sur la dernière expérience, les outils maîtrisés


What was the biggest thing you took away from your last position

IHS Markit

Background, education, experience, expertise and expectations.


1. What was the hardest part as digital transformation consultant 2. How to manage to keep license 3. One of IFRS newly released regulation 4. Which system used; cloud base or not etc.


My background, experiences, diving into specific items on my resume.

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