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On a demandé à un CAD Designer/Drafter...7 octobre 2015

what is the experience with CAD programs?

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Need to have experience with Soliworks, or pass a course before hiring, and then make a test drawing for company Moins

G. Cinelli-Esperia

How long have you been using Solidworks? / How good are you at Solidworks? etc

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Full time in the last year, that is, at least 4 hours a day, i think i'm good using solidworks to design and create assemblys modesl Moins


The interview was very standard asking all the routine questions. The main issue that made this interview terrible was the lack of knowledge about the position providing only vague details about it. The biggest question that was a make or break for this interview was how much I would be willing to work, and being desperate who wouldn't agree to working up to 50 hours of overtime weekly (Even though this was a low estimate). They also asked if I would be ok working split shifts when in truth I would only have the option to work night shifts 10 hours minimum a day for 6 days a week (3:30pm to 2pm)

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I answered yes because I needed the job, and had no idea how much B.S. was being slung at me to agree to their demands. Moins

Exco Technologies

I was asked to do a 2D AutoCAD test.

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was it simple?


1.Describe the manufacturing process of 1 of their product. 2. Measure and make drawing of another product

They asked about drugs and drinking and they said they have a zero tolerance policy for it and he clearly hated pot smokers in particular and wanted nothing to do with them. Because of the high end clients they asked a lot of questions about luxury furnishings, products, travel, etc. They also asked obscure questions about art and both American and world history. They gave a design challenge right then and there and asked me to solve it in the manner I thought best and proceeded to watch my process of working through the design process. It was a very unexpected interview and it was intimidating as well as broad in it's scope. About 70% of it was not about CAD or work itself but about me and how I thought about and what I knew about a wide range of topics that were both industry related and heavily related all aspects of luxury culture. If you are not well read and well traveled on top of being extremely proficient and talented in the position you were applying for, I doubt you would make the cut with this guy.

TBC Consoles

Q: What is your weakest attribute?

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