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On a demandé à un CAD Operator...6 février 2019

Why should we hire you?

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I have AutoCAD background and I did previous work with AutoCAD. Therefore, I see myself a good fit for this position Moins

First Orient Development and Construction

why should we hire you

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aside from i dont have a job, the said qualification is best describes me.

Crimson Group (Philippines)

Are you willing to work overtime and on saturdays

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Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives

Tell me about yourself - background?

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Explained my background & experience as it relates to the duties of the position. Moins

Thermo Systems

Describe a time you made a mistake on a drawing.

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I described a time at my previous job that my drawing could have been clearer, and how the installer failed to understand the drawing, and how I changed how I draw that particular situation to prevent future mistakes. Moins

Innovate Engineering & Development

they first ask my about my name, address, qualification etc.

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YES,i have answered all the ques

Makati Development

how do you see your career path in 5 years

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i said that i want to be a businessman


Q: how well do you work independently from others?

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Throughout my career, I have had many experiences with several different types of people. I am confident that I will work effectively with practically anyone due to this. Moins

Celadon Art

what was your goal in life?

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my goal in life is to be more responsible not only to my family but also to the company that I will give my service and to become a manager someday. Moins

Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives

What do you know about our company? Tell me about yourself?

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Mentioned the renewable energy field & growth expected in the near future.

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