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Tata Technologies
On a demandé à un Senior Engineer - CAE...6 juillet 2015

basics of automotive cooling systems, HR related questions

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I answered it thoroughly as i prepared before going to interview

Tata Technologies

What is your greatest strength.?

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Being a test engineer

Zuti Engineering Solutions

basic fem questions

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Learn bro!

DSI Technologies

What are types of elements? Why is midsurface extraction done?

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Elements: a) 2D- Tria, Quard (single, or 2nd order) b)3D- Tetra, Brick (single or 2nd order) a). Shell Structural:- SHELL 63, SHELL 93 (93 does not support CTOP & CBOT features) 2. Solid Structural:- SOLID 45 (single order), solid92 (2nd order) Midsurface: When third dimension of component is fairly high as compare to other two dimension (I section beam), meshing with a shell element is a best option. For meshing with shell element we required to take mid surfaces. Some times either outside surface/inner surface itself is sufficient depends upon the connectivity you needed with other element. Than you just mesh it with shell element and provide thickness to it. 2. Moins

Tata Technologies

Brief about your best project.

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Answer Clearly

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

Coupled equation of motion.

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Johnson Controls

I was asked to perform Impact force computation and related justifications.

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It was a written exam, followed by actual tool-test. One need to be little prepared to answer these questions. Moins


same like all companies , Tell me about yourself

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what is casting approach

Ford Motor Company

more about ME fundamental, background and experiences

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Tata Technologies

Bending moment doagram of SSB & Cantelever beam

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Draw it on paper

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