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On a demandé à un Call Center Sales Representative...13 mars 2015

What is something that you can use to improve your job?

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Have you heard anything back about the job yet? Im in the exact predicament as you Moins

No, well knowing that someone else is out there makes me feel a lot better lol... I did email and I left a message with my recruiter but so far no response. Did you receive email saying you qualified on interview? Moins

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Wynn Resorts

What type of experience do you have?

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I have customer service experience, customer support management skills, cleaning skills, Moins

Customer service

I have experience, as houskeeping,butler, waiter, bartender and bar waiter

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How does you previous work experience relate to the position you are applying for?

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You can hire a trained monkey to do what im doing

Whoops. I was just kidding with that answer and now I cant remove it

If I speak you in english will you understand?

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Yes, sure.



Expert Global Solutions

Could I commit to working evenings, Saturdays AND Sundays?

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if you can commit to training why can't you work? that's why HR couldn't answer that question. it wasn't discrimination, you weren't being consistent. Moins

1:They contacted me not the other way around. No mention was made during the initial phone call that I would have to be available to work Sundays. 2: The unprofessional receptionist tried to deny me the interview. 3:Training would have been three weeks. It was an attempt at COMPROMISE. I was willing to forego practicing my religion for a SHORT period of time but not on a permanent basis. They discriminate against people of faith. Moins

Stated that my religion would not allow me to work Sundays. If needed I would commit to training on Sundays. Could I work Sundays? Stated again my religion does not allow me to work on Sundays. They asked if I could work Sunday evenings. Again, stated my religion does not allow me to work on Sundays. I asked why are they discriminating against my religious beliefs? HR person did not understand my question. Moins

Ally Financial

What is the first thing that you do when a customer is enraged on a call?

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I would listen and try resolve the problem the best way I can.

Empathize, take control, assure them that I'm the best person to handle their issue Moins


Hinduja Global Solutions

What is your background

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My background is engineering are my strength

Wynn Resorts

Give a brief overview of your work history.

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Be short and fast in the group setting

My work consists of team work, working in the field of food, and serving guests From various regions Moins

I have 6 years experience as hotel security hereat abu dhabi ,uae..6 years in philippines as security guard at british embassy under g4s phil Moins


What is your name?!

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Aakash Dubey

I didn't read it probably


Do you speak a language I don't speak?

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No speak

Yes. Many, and fluently.

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