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On a demandé à un Camera Operator...11 juillet 2018

How I deal with stress in the workplace?

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I told them that I realize that stress in the workplace is unavoidable and while I am not immune to it I never raise my voice to a fellow employee or hold any outbursts they may have had against them. Moins

Louisiana College

Very few questions

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Work progression told of ability

Nexstar Media Group

What interests you in this position?

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I want to gain experience in the industry!

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Have you previously worked in sales?

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Yes I have over 20 years experience

Spark Street Digital

Did I mind standing long periods.

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With a camera I usually don't mind standing for a while.

Dawn News

When did you work in the media field.

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He gave me NX5 Sony Camera and said to shoot short Documentry 1:30 minuts on Dawn News Canteen to how they servives to give all food in cheap rates in this era. Moins

Explain what experience you have in this role, yadda yadda.... Breakdown for the Camera Op position: You will be outdoors standing for hours in the heat and elements running camera. Limited bathroom breaks as you are always live streaming. Communication with the director is through an app you need to install on your device.

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Talked about my work experience.

Keystone Aerial Surveys

Tell me about your experience with POS AV (aerial geo-tracking equipment).

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I described scenarios where I was forced to successfully troubleshoot the equipment. Moins


The camera person had me do some skills to see how adept I would be in doing grip work primarily, on their equipment which supports the cameras and lighting.

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It has been awhile since I did grip work while a student in my film degree program as I was more hands on with the cameras, filming and music set up and so forth, so I didn't do everything he needed me to correctly and told me he was only going to show me once or twice if I get hired on. He was honest with that. Moins

Bansal Group

What about the cameras you are working with?

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Professional camera's use in ENG must be familiarization with there operation... also updated about the new technology used in field... Moins

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