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On a demandé à un Career Counselor...4 avril 2011

How will I rremembr you at the end of the week when I've interviewed 8 other people for this position?

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I actually can't remember my response.

Inverness Technologies

Do you have a Master's Degree?

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Atterbury Job Corps

This job is challenging. Can you do this?

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With a very firm yes.

CSU Global

How I would prioritize my ideas from the presentation

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I said I wasn't sure what their records-keeping system was but that a system like that is essential in career counseling so I'd look into that first. Moins

CSU Global

A time I saw a project through, from concept to execution

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I gave an example but then they wanted one I'd done online

Workforce Solutions

Why do you think we should hire you for the position?

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I have the experience and anything else I need to learn, I am a fast learner.

Adams & Associates

Tell me of a time when you had to handle a difficult and escalating situation with a youth. How did you resolve and de-escalate the situation? Tell me of a time when you had a disagreement with an employee or manager and how you handled the situation? How are you with deadlines? What is your experience with computer programs such as Word, Excel? How are your organizational skills? How familiar are you with diversity?

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Used past work experiences and university experiences.

College Internship Program

Do you have any previous experience with our population?

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I did have experience so I was able to give a detailed answer.

Nuway Transportation

I was the only female employed and was put in awkward situations daily.

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After the company went bankrupt, I received calls from everyone of their competitors. They ALL offered me a position due to my reputation, compassion and work ethics. Moins

CareerSource Florida

What do you know about us.

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Info from website

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