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On a demandé à Cash Applications Clerk...1 décembre 2011

Why have you been unemployed for so long? *Note: Are you kidding me?

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I reminded them about the economy and mentioned that I was not alone in the fact that hardly anyone was able to obtain employment due to all the unemployed people in US today. Moins

It's very difficult to find a good job that pays reasonable in today's economy. Seems companies want double the requirements for the job, yet are offering half the pay they offered 10 years ago. So it has taken a while to find a company willing to pay a good salary for my experience. Moins

Thank you for the laugh today...what a question to ask with today's economy. It's just not the way it used to be. I have been on the hunt for months. Moins

Revenue Group

General questions like describe experience

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Described my previous data entry exp

Direct Energy

Did I actually work as an office manager before?

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Of course I did, I was the only woman with all of those construction workers.

Dent Wizard

Basically your problem solving techniques and knowledge with software

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I answered completely and honestly

Cloud Communications

How would co-workers describe me?

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Hardworking, kept to myself but still friendly and approachable, a go-to person for help with Excel, Outlook, Fax and Copy machines, etc. Moins


Tell us about yourself? Why cash alp

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I told about myself and my educational experience and how I felt connected to cash app Moins

Phoenix Children's Hospital

How do you work with others? Do you like to participate in office functions?

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I have no problem working with others, but I do enjoy working on my own most of the time. I'm here to work, and that is what I want to do. As far as office functions, the more the fun the better! Moins


What was my experience in Oracle?

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I answered honestly that I had none but what I had learned in the month I had been in a temporary position, but I was a quick learner and would do my best. Moins


One of the questions were, what kind of manager do you work well under?

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I work well under a flexible manager. Someone who would let me do what I need to do to accomplish my job. Moins

Southern Wine & Spirits of America

In your current or previous position, how would you handle an irrate customer?

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I would listen and sympathize with the customer. I feel that most of the time an irrate customer really just wants to be heard. It's very important to sympathize as most customers will become more calm. I would then try to solve the customers issue. Moins

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