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Pfeiffer Vacuum
On a demandé à un Chef De Bureau Droit Des Entreprises Et De L'immatériel...2 avril 2019

HR round was done by Sr. Technical Officer( non HR guy).

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Got offer letter where the variable salary is to much...nd in hand fixed salary is very very very less....They show tat they will give watermelon type of salary but you will get watermelon seeds only. I rejected the offer as the SR.officer not able to explain the benefits properly as he is not the HR. I didn't accept the job as the officer was rude with me.i hope the MD should know all these things whom to select or whom to dump. Moins

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Details of my past work experience. The question asked by MD is completely technical.

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Explained clearly with ease as I m good at work and got selected.


Asked about some technical abilities and reading of technical drawings.

DG Trésor

pour le smic est plus bas en france qu'en suisse ?


How do you manage a lot of deadlines and priorities?

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