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Marriott International
On a demandé à Demi-Chef De Partie...30 septembre 2015

1= introduce yourself? 2=any unforgatable event in your carrier?

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1=I am Jerin Thomas from Kerala. I completed my degree in hotel management from Kerala.I have total 5 years of experience in various hotels.Recently I was working in DREAM HOTEL Cochin which is a 5 star deluxe hotel. 2=While I was working in pride hotel in Indian department I was asked by executive chef to handle the chinese department also.But I was wondering thinking of how to go ahead as I didn"t know anything of it.But the supporting hand from the executive chef was a greart encouragement for me,that I could manage the department well enough. Moins

My self BESRIA RAM from H.P. I have completed my diploma one year cookery .I have total 15 years experience in various hotel. My specialty curry & tandoori. Moins

Park Hyatt

About company I'm working with.

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By online


Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Why should we select you ?

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I am enthusiast and willing to work with a long commitment. I learn quickly and work smartly. With strong determination and sincerity towards my work I will contribute my best to achieve the organizational goals. Moins

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

How will you convince an unsatisfied guest of our hotel?

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By accepting full responsibility for resolving any open issues.

The g Hotel

Where have you worked before and what hours was I willing to do.

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I said I was a hard worker and would work as hard as the rest of the team and I wouldn't stand by as othe r did less work . Moins

House of Commons

How would i be able to manage my staff below me

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I said i’d deligate jobs accordingly and also help them out as well as teach and guide tgem Moins

Royal Caribbean Group

Wanted to know how to make the mother sauces, how you motivate your team, and to hear about your previous experiences.

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Hey..did you clear the second round??And did you have to give a skill/trade rest for it? Moins

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

about the job

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to telling the job discription

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

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No, Sir I don't think so. Because I am always a learner and my learning never ends. So At any instances of time I get myself upgraded and try to promote myself and adapt to the working environment. So I am not over-Qualified. Moins

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