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R.R. Donnelley
On a demandé à un Creative Services Project Manager - In-Store Marketing...17 août 2017

Are you still interested in the job?

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I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Moins

The Emirates Group

The role play case was the following and needs some degree of diplomacy.Please be very careful here as slip could be construed as bad stakeholder management. Please refer below to the role play case. You have been appointed project manager of a project that has gone over budget and is also going over schedule soon. Your task is not to make tall promises as the organization that has appointed you clearly doesn't want you to promises more resources. The client is very unhappy and you need to meet and convince him with a plan

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My responsibility was to set up framework to manage and control project schedule, monitoring progress, ensuring project is within the decided budget and timeframe, calculating best estimate numbers for the project and account and report it to senior leadership, tracking variance in projected and month end financials, managing margins for the project, preparing numerous reports, business documentation, etc. Moins

Be careful as the VP is judging you by your performance. You don't have to act. You just have to be your normal self. Moins

If you could choose one aspect of business that you enjoyed the most, what would it be?

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Personally, I love brainstorming and problem solving with other financial minded individuals. I am not one to be stressed out by multilayer company dilemma; I get excited, and thrive under pressure. Moins


Tell me about yourself?

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How would you cope with the pace of the company?


Comment comptez-vous les mettre au travail ?

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Réponse de petit chef autoritaire souhaitée

Langoor Digital

About past experience, how will i contribute to this company

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Gave examples and spoke about my ambitions

ISN Garage Assist

Why do you want to work for ISN Garage Assist?

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I am looking to progress my career and work as part of a family run business.


How do you feel about customer interaction?:

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I am very comfortable with direct customer interaction.

London Borough of Hackney

Please tell us about a time when you contributed to the improvement of a service or function

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I went on about my various achievements in my previous roles where I had brought in additional one off and repetitive income, improved processes by implementing automated excel spreadsheets using macros and also mentioned a bit about me training non-finance managers Moins


What would your boss say are your weaknesses?

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The in-person interviewer grossly misinterpreted my answer and proceeded to grill me about my 'weakness' (I said I struggle not taking criticism personally which he took as 'you take criticism personally and you're an emotional woman'), outlining all the reasons I wasn't a good fit for the job because of this one answer. Moins

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