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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
On a demandé à un Process Engineer (Chemical Engineer)...10 janvier 2021

Q. Conflict that you faced in the workplace? Q. Have you ever given bad news to your junior? What is that? How did they react? Q. Tell us everything you know about PCB manufacturing. Q. Why do you want to become a process engineer? Q, If the cost of a nut is a dollar more than the cost of a bolt. The total cost being $ 1.10. What is the cost of the bolt? Answer - 5 cents Q. Work experience and what did my superiors think about me in the workplace. Q. 5-year & 10-year goal

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How is the cost of a bolt 5 cents? If one nut costs $1.00 and the total cost is $1.10, that leaves 10 cents remaining. If one bolt costs 5 cents then you’d have two bolts and one nut, unless the cost of the bolt is supposed to be 10 cents. Moins

Oh never mind, I answered my own question.

let Y=nut, X=bolt Y=X+$1-----------------eq(1) Given X+Y=$1.1 X+X+$1=$1.1-----from eq(1), Y=X+$1 Bolt X=0.05=5cents nut Y= $1.05 Moins

What would be the time mix that I would prefer , Computer / Document , vs out in the plant .

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Basically , whatever would be required to achieve the objective. I am most oriented to on the floor work . Moins

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Southern Research

How do you manage the deadlines?

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Standard answer


describe a time when you had conflicts with a fellow co-worker

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try to view the opinions objectively and incorporate everyone's ideas to the best of my ability. Moins

Valero Energy

Describe a time when you successfully solved a problem through creativity or leadership in a past job.

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Thought of a specific moment when I had fixed a problem that immediately hindered the companies operations. They want details so it can be difficult to recall a specific moment or to choose one out of many possible times. The idea is to already have something interesting before hand. Moins


Please write down the equations for pH and Arrhenius Law.

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I wrote down the equation for pH. I got the Arrhenius Law about 85% correct - and noted that I couldn't fully recall the exact calculation because my background is in production chemicals. If that is necessary, I would google the formula needed. Moins

None, but I suppose I was caught off guard by "Tell us something you do for fun that most people don't know."

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Very chill, yet informative, interview.


Are you a hands on type engineer ? Are you familiar with many types of process equipment ? Have you worked with hazardous chemicals ? Have you managed and supervised people ? Are you comfortable with working long hours , off-shift hours when necessary ?

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Yes to all .


They are looking for more environmentally friendly way to approach the need for organic solvents and the carcinogenic vapors. They were looking for someone to manage the building of the on-site lab for product manufacturing and designing the SOPs for manufacture.

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The product is awesome and inspiring. Solvents can be managed following EPA and OSHA requirements, particularly with activated charcoal in the vent hoods as recovery would be expensive and unnecessary. The lab is going to need floor drains for the eye wash station and shower, which can be installed with a raised floor on the existing slab. I recommend ergonomic mechanical apparatus for chemical processing as too much human interface leaves employees vulnerable to accidental exposure. Double gloves, and kitchen warming trays are a bad idea. Organic solvents will dissolve gloves and kitchen warming trays increase vaporization rate and product loss. Proper PPE is strongly recommended along with closed systems for processing. Moins


Asked to identify different pieces of equipment and describe the operation of a system by looking at a P&ID.

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I knew all the pieces of equipment, but figuring out how the process worked just form the drawing was challenging. They were helpful, though, and gently guided me in the right direction. Moins

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