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On a demandé à un Chemistry Teacher...11 janvier 2016

How old I was

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How old do you think I am?

Why to select you for college?

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I replied " My aptitude to teachning and learning will definently benifit this college and future stars of this college" Moins

Plainfield School District

How would I implement data to instruct students.

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I would analyze the data based on the lastest assessment. I would look for any trends or the lower standards/standards not achieved to drive my instruction forward. On reteach days I would reteach these standards and collect data on them. Moins

The Goddard School

What is the common question in interview

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Introduce yourself

what are teaching materials and how can you locally available teaching materials for your class?

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Teaching materials are materials that makes our teaching process easy and attractive. These materials help our students to learn more practically and easily.They also help for our students to remember the concepts that they have learned for long time. Chemistry teaching aids can be prepared using locally available materials in many ways. Example:- we can use fruits to teach about weak acids etc.. Moins

West Contra Costa USD - Richmond

Could you walk us through a sample lesson?

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A lesson always begins with the objective to be achieved and the skill to be acquired. The introduction must show a physical phenomenon to be studied in order to capture the attention of the students. Modeling the phenomenon provides a mathematical response to the evolution of the physical system. The use of simulation software validates the theoretical model. An experiment validates the chosen solution Moins

Al Khor International School

subject specific questions

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I am looking for a guitar teacher vacancy in Qatar, over 18 years of experience, ABRSM in classical guitar, 1, 2, 5, 6 grades passed exams. Moins

i am subject specialist and searching for chemistry teacher job having four years experience. Moins

Narayana Educational Institutions

They asked me about their institution and their curriculum

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I have gone through with their institution's curriculum


What affects the how easily coordinate compounds split up?

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What is the Intermediate Product of XYZ organic reaction.

Aakash Educational Services

Isotopic substitution

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Explained complete detail of given topic

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