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NES Fircroft
On a demandé à un Credit Controller...7 janvier 2020

How far along are you in interview processes with other companies?

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Waarom zou jij bij Nike willen werken?

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Waar zie je jezelf in vijf jaar?

Ik zie mijzelf als senior Credit Controller binnen een internationale werkomgeving met doorgroeimogelijkheden. Moins

Kingston Smith

How I would engage a busy Partner to review his/her debt ledger

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Ensure I had up to date info, book a time to meet then select only 2 or 3 top debts that I needed help or advice on Moins

Yankee Candle

Why would you work as a Credit Controller?

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I like the sector

Bank Leumi USA

Why Bank Leumi?

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1. Right-sized bank for real client service 2. Right size to allow influencing the bank's direction 3. Prospects for growth Moins


Why do you fit for the role?

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Because i am a capable person.


What will you do in your first 100 days

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Improve the IT system in place and make as big an impact as I can

Womble Bond Dickinson (UK)

What do you know about Bond Dickinson?

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I mentioned the merger between Dickinson Dees and Bond Pearce back in 2013 and spoke about the recently published turnover and profit figures. Spoke about local reputation and some news and charity work that was in the press. Moins


How would I fit in the team

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I advise I can offer my experience also advise I’m flexible and willing to help out my work team Moins


There were none. I was only asked about my experience, skills

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