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Aimbridge Hospitality
On a demandé à un Staff Accountant...5 avril 2016

are you comfortable with working overtime the first week of the month

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working experience in this field

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Oil spill formen

Well known accounting eg. tally peachtree etc..

2 years

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How many children do you have?

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I think that's an illegal question...

That could be considered discrimination

Tell the truth

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Hersha Hospitality Trust

Would you be okay doing "X,Y, and Z"?

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Yes of course sir


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World Vision USA

Do you have a issues with praying at work?

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I pray all time at work!

I pray all the time

To be honest I pray at my current Job and I’m prepared to give an answer if my fellow coworkers ask me why. I am unashamed. I talk about my faith freely. It’s not something I turn off and on. It’s part of me. Moins

Lipari Foods

What did you do before this?

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Forklift Operator, Team Leader Janitorial

Forklift Driver

Forklift Driver

BH Management Services

What are you looking to gain out of this position?

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I'd like to have the opportunity to advance.

Make ready i know how to paint trash out

Make ready

Why do you want to leave your current job?

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- I couldn't bear the workload. -

Same Controller had my replacement hired when she told me I could do administrative work with a 22% pay cut and reduction in hours from 40 to 15 for fewer... or be fired. I told her I'd take it, then I walked out on my terms. That Controller is a piece Moins

Toxic environment.

NVISION Eye Centers

Why are you looking for a new job?

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Due to retrenchment in my present company i got a termination notice.

Due to retrenchment in my present company i got a termination notice.

Due to retrenchment in my present company i got a termination notice.

Saudi Aramco

I would expect it would be: Are you prepared to live and work in a foreign land in the desert?

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Be honest with yourself.

I will do in sha allah

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