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Intesa Sanpaolo
On a demandé à un Financial Risk Controller...12 avril 2021

Quale è il motivo che ti spingerebbe a lavorare per noi?

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Quali sono i tuoi difetti?

What is the lowest salary would you be willing to accept?

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Honestly, but with firmness.

Credit Suisse

Processes and conflicts.

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Not well enough I suppose.

J.P. Morgan

Why did you select / apply for this role when you do not have relevant background

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I think the some of skills required for this role are “Acquired Skill” while some are “ Required”. I definitely exemplified the skills that are must have but also exceed in other skills that will help me build up the acquired skills like Highly positive, Eager to learn and open for feedback. Moins


How will you bring value to the position

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I have been in compliance for over 15 years, dealt with a variety of compliance issues, from starting a bank to working for an established bank. Moins

Emirates NBD

What do you think in terms of your USP which you believe other candidates do not have and therefore justifies your selection for this role?

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Most candidates may be equal to me in terms of experience and skills. My USP is my people-abilities. I have reduced attrition in large teams and have been a very successful coach and mentor to my teams. This is going to make a lot of difference to the team building endeavours of the bank in this region. Moins

Argo Group

Large number of interviews,, mostly related to previous career moves and decisions made.

Credit Suisse

What is a stationary process? Why do we need that? How to check it?

Target Group Limited

Present on first 90 days in role

Virtu Financial

Asked a puzzle question

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