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KinderCare Learning Companies
On a demandé à un Child Care Director...5 mars 2020

Do you have experience managing a budget?

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Calvert County Public Schools

How will you work with children?

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With patience.


Tell us about a problem you faced at work and how you solved it.

KinderCare Learning Companies

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

KinderCare Learning Companies

How many staff have you supervised in your previous supervisory positions?


She only asked me three questions. 1) Tell me about yourself 2) Have you worked with kids before and 3) Do you have any questions for me. I'm being serious.


Employment Background, situational questions

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Can you tell me about your leadership experience?

KinderCare Learning Companies

What is your leadership style?

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

What is your degree in?

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