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La Petite Academy
On a demandé à un Child Care Teachers Assistant...4 décembre 2020

What are the preschool ages you would like to work with? What is an example of one emergency situation that you have had in the past in the work place? Do you have early childhood education experience or and a degree related to early childhood education?

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I would really like to work in the Infant room. Although I have lots of experience working with all ages. I do not have a degree in childhood education. I do have a lot of training on child abuse and early development. I’m the three year old class I had a child who started throwing the chairs across the room because he was angry. I immediately told my assistant to take the childreni to one corner of the room while I tended to this one child who was very upset. I started to ask him what did he do that weekend did he have fun did he play with mommy what was his favorite snack? Trying to make him forget why he was so angry. We talked about how we do not throw things across the room especially chairs and how dangerous that was. I let him be the line leader and that was the end of that. Moins

Ages 3-5. Child running out of the class room and I had to get the child safely back in the classroom. Yes, I have 15 years experience in a preschool environment as well as early childhood education certification and an A.A. Degree. Moins


How good are you with kids ?

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I love kids I enjoy being around them to be entitled to the happiness with them


How would you punish a child who bites?

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It would depend on the age, but for a toddler I would redirect and watch the child very closely from then on. Moins

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

How would I handle a child making a bad choice?

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I would redirect the child and talk about the choices he/she was making.


pretty standard for child care job

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know the YMCA core values and incorporate them into answers

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How do you solve conflicts between kids

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Redirection to other interests Never got a call back and was ok with that. Pay is just barely above minimum wage. Hours were long days. Not for me. Moins

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How would you deal with a difficult parent?

Childcare Network

predictable questions about experience and interests, it appeared that i was not going to be considered on sight and the interviewer was going through the motions of an interview

KinderCare Learning Centers

What is your experience with children?

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