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Lutheran Social Services of New York
On a demandé à un Child Care Counselor...20 mai 2015

What would you do if you saw a co worker breaking the rules on the first day? What would you do if two of the residents started fighting and you were not trained?

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I would report him using the chain of command.

Can you swim? Can you swim in the ocean?

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Bethesda Children's Home

What would you do in this situation? i.e. your coworker is restraining a child, should you call for help, help restrain, etc?

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Remain calm. Call for backup and then help.

Can you cook and clean?

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St. Joseph’s Camelite Home

Who do you deal with a child who wants to do something other than what they are suppose to be doing?

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Convince them that they will have more fun doing the right thing by using a positive motivator. Moins

Have you ever received a traffic ticket?

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What is something that would make you angry


I don't know that any question was entirely difficult having worked with children before, but I was caught off guard when I was asked how I communicate with adults. I was thinking solely of how I handle certain situations with children, I wasn't in the mindset of how I'd have difficult conversations with their parents.

Bonnie Brae

What kinds of things make you angry?

Bethesda Children's Home

Simple scenario questions regarding working with residential clients, questions relating to your morality and how you would handle situations.

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