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On a demandé à un Child Care Assistant...23 juin 2015

What prior childcare experiences do you have, and why would you be a good fit for this position?

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working withe special need kids it was vary challenging to me

love to work withe people and working withe the other as a team

lunch monitor working with defiant age of kid

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Florida Department of Children and Families

You receive an on call report at 3 AM about children screaming and it is believed the children are being physically hurt. What would you do?

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My hire packet is under review and I spent today entirely on my phone and computer sending in information yo HR. I am soooo thankful for technology. Today I had to upload copies of my actual Bachelors degree (because my transcript did not have "conferred date" listed; as some don't), my registration for my vehicle, my signed declaration page since it actually had "Business Insurance" listed on it, and my drivers record showing that my license was valid. Thankfully I am a patient person, so I did not find this process nerve wrecking as most would. However, when you want something bad enough, you simply have to fight for it. For all those who are seeking employment across boarders, just know that your patience will be tried, it's up to you to go the distance. Also, you only have 30 days from thw date of hire to actually get your license and vehicle registration changed over to the state of Florida. SoSo with that said, I didn't get the Acceptance letter today, but I am assured and confident it is on the way. Stay tuned! Moins

Congrats im only in the begining stage i completed the assesment and i am anxious to know if i will be getting a called... i am making an effort to be paitient and your post helped a lot. Thank you... How do you like rhe job so far? Moins

How long did it take for you to hear back? My interview results are currently being reviewed by Human Resources. Just wondering how long it took for you to get a call? Moins

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Florida Department of Children and Families

If there was a time someone didn't like me how did I ...................

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ok. that's good to know. Basically, if they send you to get drug tested and fingerprinted that will be a good sign. Moins

How long did it take to hear back?

If you pass the drug screen you are offered the position

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State of Missouri

How would you handle an upset clinet.

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I see this answer got -5 votes. So for the ones who downvoted, how would you answer the question? Moins

I would listen then be proactive to find a solution the client needs.


How would you handle an angry parent?

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Listen to them and make them feel heard. Address the problem, then follow thru.

Listen to what they have to say then handle their problems in a calm reasonable manner Moins

Let her express herself


What is your weakness?

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sometimes I overworry about what I need to do but it keeps me going so I get done more than what I plan to Moins

sometimes I tend too overthink things but it enables me to be more efficient

Make your weakness turn into a positive one! Like "math. but I been working harder at it and been getting help when needed and I'm getting better" Moins


They asked about my work experience and how I handle stressful situations.

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I gave an example of a time that I handled a stressful situation at a previous job. Moins

for a time I was having a problem with one of my students who would rage when she's upset after thinking about a strategy I immediately seated her away from the students she has problems with or likes to fool around with she got upset and I explained that when she shows she's ready she can sit with other kids I also had a problem with another boy who would bother other kids I sat him with kids he seems to work well with and I noticed he started to get his work done better and when I gave him jobs he also cooperated better Moins

I take a moment to think about the situation and how I can best handle it


How would you handle a parent experiencing separation anxiety when leaving their child with us?

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I would reassure them that their children will be safe and that there is plenty of qualified staff looking after them. Give them a number to call if they really feel the need to check in. Moins

I'd assure the parent their kid is in good hands and let them know that I will deal with any issues that arise and that there is a number they can call if they want to check in Moins

I'd try to reassure the parent the kid is in good hands and that I will deal with any issue coming up and if they want to check give them a number where they can do it then let the kid mention some good things that happened Moins

Florida Department of Children and Families

The hotline receives a call from a neighbor who says that he heard a child scream in the house next door. You arrive. Father is clearly intoxicated, cursing at you, belligerent, and says you cannot come in. What do you do?

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What was on the teat2

Just curious, were you hired and if so how long did it take after the interview process? Moins

Hey did they call you back for fingerprints and drug screening if so where you hired after that and how long did it take for them to call you back to hire you? Moins


What do you want from a job?

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I want a job where I can use and develop my skills in working with groups of kids and have an opportunity to advance within the company Moins

I want a job where I can use my skills in working with kids and be able to develop them as well as an opportunity to move with the company Moins

Have you taken care of/ dealt with babies before?

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