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Arizona Department of Child Safety
On a demandé à un Child Safety Specialist...17 mars 2023

What kind of supports do you have? Seeing as the job can become stressful at times.

Uplift Family Services

Why do you want to work with us? What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? What is a conflict you had in the workplace?


How you balance your time

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Time management

United Nations Mission in Sudan

Telling us about your experience with protection concerns? Experience about advocacy for children rights and prevention of recruitment? How do you incorporate gender in your responsabilities?

Arizona Department of Child Safety

What is unconscious bias? And how do you recognize it ?

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Answered question very specifically based on my experiences and gave examples

Carepro Health Services

Do you have all relevant certification. I you willing to undergo more training. Can you preform CPR. Are you aware of Trama informed care Are you willing to transport a client in your care .


they asked about schedule, experience working with kids, why you chose the job and give a brief run down of how the job runs

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

What makes you a good candidate?

Bright Horizons Family Solutions

How do you facilitate a parent/teacher conference

Wellpoint Care Network

Why do you want to work for wellpoint?

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Great company

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