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The Mosaic Company
On a demandé à Civil Engineer Intern...11 novembre 2012

What have you accomplished outside of school and work that you are proud of?

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I earned my Eagle Scout award.

RPS Group

They asked me about what kind of relevant software I had used as part of my college course

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I outlined the project work I had completed utilizing different software such as AutoCAD, Robot, and Revit and my experiences with them. I also expressed my interest in self-teaching and adaptability with respect to software applications. Moins

HJ3 Composite Technologies

zero questions that were difficult because the interviewer was not an engineer

Monier Construction

- quantity estimations for a concrete drainage

Bolton & Menk

About the company, asked about knowledge of various software, how previous jobs will help.

Dunaway Associates

What is your favorite and least favorite class you have taken?

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

What do you know about PennDOT?


Why are you interested in us?

Golder Associates

Tell me about your course work What can you bring to a team

LG&E and KU Energy

Where do you see yourself at the end of college?

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