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On a demandé à un Senior Civil Supervisor...25 août 2021

How to start the project and which things we need to start the projects.

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First the marking of plat from town planing

Simply . We need all kind of noc approvel . Mobilization , approved drawing , demarcation . Moins


Qualificações, experiências prévias, interesses.

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Descrição da carreira e objetivos.

Larsen & Toubro

One person how much work finished per day

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300 kg steel fixing per day


what your experience filed

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i have over 12 years in civil work and steel

Maire Tecnimont

descrivere le mie attivita' svolte in ambito lavorativo in Territorio Russo.

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site supervision


Technical Quaestions

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Prepare for Interviews

Técnicas Reunidas

Where and which projects did you work at?

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very well

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