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On a demandé à un Claims Attorney...4 février 2016

My experience with previous insurance carrier, what competition was doing. My experience with private law firm and why I left.

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Competition is downsizing and downgrading role of attorneys in claims process. Personality disagreement at law firm. Moins

Progressive Insurance

Tell me about a time you had a difficult negotiation? How was it resolved.?

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Typical questions regarding experience. Used the STAR method, which I think is commonplace these days. Moins

Tokio Marine HCC

What do you know about the company? Any history with insurance? How does prior work help you prepare for this? Do you know how an insurance claim works? What are your weaknesses?


How do you generally deal with conflict situations?

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Name a time when you were wrong, what happened, what was the outcome?

Progressive Insurance

Practice those STAR questions. Great resources on YouTube.


How would you tell a person you cannot cover their claim?

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