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On a demandé à Long Term Disability Claim Manager...20 février 2013

What do you think you'll like least about this job?

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That I won’t be given a chance to reach my full potential

any advice on today's phone interview would be helpful. It is for LTD Claims Analyst? Thank you (Plano) Moins

I said something about the cubicle environment, and how that would take some getting used to, but I don't foresee it as a problem. Moins

Progressive Insurance

it was all tell us when you "insert prev experience here"

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there just looking for a positive customer outcome.

Hello! I have my face to face interview in 5 days! Can u please tell me what questions they asked? and any additional tips are very welcomed! Thanks!!! Moins


Tell me about a time when you were able to complete a project no one else could. Tell me about a time when you had to team up with another department for a project. What would your last supervisor say is an area you need to work on.

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Interviewed last week still waiting to hear back. Salary range given was $38,000-$42,000 to start. Moins

Hi, I had an interview as well. Did they ever ask for references?


Tell us a time when you had an experience that you did not know how to handle it

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How long did it take them to notify you about the position?

Described at time at a past job that I tried several things before I consulted with a manager Moins


Behavioral questions were asked regarding how various scenarios would be handled. Thus emphasizing the importance of customer experience with Cigna. Example question: If you sit down to work and do not know what to do first, how do you respond?

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Did you receive and offer already? and when was your interview?

Based on personal experience with customer building, I was able to express tactful responses to such questions as refer to lenthy notes likely taken through the training process, seek guidance from peers, seek guidance from supervisor... In that particular order. Being resourceful is extremely important when helping build relationships and properly answering customer concerns/questions. Moins

Lincoln Financial Group

All of their questions were around tell me about a time......

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Told them what the situation was, what I did, how the person/people responded, and what the final outcome wa. Moins

I just had an interview and felt the same way. Mine was just over the phone. I have tons of administrative and corporate experience that could easily transfer over to the roll I was considered for. Said they would pass to hiring manager for review...this was the HR recruiter. I logged into my profile and it already had not selected added to it. Glad I have other options ...and one is with competitor. Its fine just keep pressing evidently it was not the right position for us. No where on my info did I say I had insurance experience. Yet I feel thats the only reason they denied me. Moins

Landmark Home Warranty

my work experience.

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I provided my experience

Pica Corp

There were no questions asked other than discussing my experience in this field.

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There were no questions asked other than discussing my experience in this field.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe

What experience do you have What do you know about the company

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I’d researched the company so wAs able to provide a good overview

Global Indemnity Group

Standard questions, very few technical, mostly experience or how would you handle a poor performer. One telling question was whether I had any issues with working on weekends starting on saturday morning at 5am for no pay/bonus due to CAT activity.

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Who feels good about unpaid ot, especially being forced to come in at 5am on a Saturday without CAT pay? This supports why they are still trying to fill this position 4 months later. Any company that doesn't have the courtesy to at least tell you they aren't choosing you is not a company I'd want to work for. Moins

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