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On a demandé à Client Partner Manager...28 septembre 2021

How would you handle X situation? You have an account that has been sold but then neglected, what is your process to bring it back to life?


This role particularly focused on mitigating conflict with clients... unhappy with services, etc. It came across as a role that's expected to fix whatever the account manager screws up. I'd be prepared for questions on how you handle damage control and if you feel comfortable with mediating conflict (I got the impression daily) with customers.


Strength and weakness What do you know about us and the role


What have you done in your past roles that’ll help you here in this role?


How I would deal with certain situations handling caretakers for the elderly.


How have grown revenue at past clients?

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No secret sauce here. Growing revenue is about removing obstacles in the way of customer satisfaction. Those obstacles could be anything from delivery quality to contractual issues. Trusted relationships take time to build with intent to foster open communication on ANYTHING toward a mutual resolution and customer satisfaction. Moins

TekLink International

We talked about the Role and responsibilities as it was in a new area for me and how my previous experience could apply. The interview was a conversation with two interested parties.

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We had a conversation


Would you please send us a pay stub from this and last year so we can verify your income?

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Publicis Sapient

Where do you see yourself in this company in 5 years?

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While ambition is good, too much could be threatening to certain interviewers. I keep my responses focused on client satisfaction and growth through recognition of strong work products. Moins

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