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Pacific Life
On a demandé à un Pacific Life Client Portfolio Manager...25 juillet 2020

Why are you qualified for this job

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Sales experience and PM skills are key to this position - describe yours?


What are the top most important things to help grow your client base.

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Having a value proposition that is attractive for them to consider, trust in their coverage person, the ability to know they will be well serviced in good times and having a strong relationship where they will want to pick up the phone and call you for information in critical times knowing they are in good hands and being looked after. Moins


How do you think you will fit into this position


What interests you about the job?

Neuberger Berman

Focused on my goals and how those fit w/ the team

Wellington Management

There were no unexpected questions but it pays to know the history of the firm since they have a long, proud history - it shows good preparation.


Explain you experience with ESG investing?

Janus Henderson Investors

Give me your thoughts on the capital markets right now.


What are the most important traits for this role, in your opinion?


How do you deal with a client who is very upset?

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