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On a demandé à un Clinical Liaison...25 septembre 2013

How well I know Medicare reimbursement guidelines

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Wow they have so many vacancies in San Diego. Their rep for their LTAC quit, their Director of Case Mgt quit, they have many RN and CNA positions open for both San Diego LTAC and San Marcos SNF. I think I would stay away. Moins

NO ONE ever got back to be regarding the job. Just left me hanging. HR, DM, all went silent. Very unprofessional. Someone could have and should have gotten back to me. Whatever the reason, after interviewing with 6 people, I deserved some kind of follow up. The DM even promised to get back to me by a certain date and he did not. Moins

Gila River Healthcare

Have you ever done something that was wrong and how did you cope or respond?

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I shared honestly about an incident that happened and how I admitted the wrong doing and circumstances leading up to it. Moins

Beacon Health Options

I don't remember?

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What is your weakest trait?

BridgePoint Healthcare

My last assignment as the Director over the Clinical Liaison's I fired 15 employees within a few months of becoming their manager. What do you think about this type of management?

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Firing or terminating that number of employee's generally shows an issue in upper management, does it not? Moins

Select Specialty Hospitals

They asked about my experience. But did not ask specific questions. Not a professional organization.

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No way to answer any question they asked. Was very unprofessional. I would never recommend any work at this organization. Moins

Select Specialty Hospitals

They didn't have any great questions. The past CEO of the Garland location is missing. The new BDB, Nevin, Is horrible and came from competition and only cares about himself. I feel sad for the staff. This place is closing soon.

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The Garland location is closing. Please do not accept any position with location. I feel sorry for all the patients they are trying to pull into this location. Kindred is where they should go. Moins

ExactCare Pharmacy

See you comfortable with traveling?

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Mercado de testes genéticos e concorrentes da empresa no Brasil, minha experiência na área, conte me um pouco sobre você...

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Com uma pesquisa simples sobre a empresa você consegue responder as perguntas da entrevista. Moins

Select Medical

Do have any relationships with case managers in the hospitals where you will be assigned?

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I do not so I answered honestly. They responded by saying that's ok, we will help you build those relationships. Moins

Ernest Health

Salary expectations

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research area hourly pay for similar positions. PRN pay generally $2 hr higher fir day shift abd $4 night shift. Moins

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