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On a demandé à un Clinical Manager...23 juin 2018

What were you doing between 2015 and 2017?

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I had already explained but was asked again. So I felt that there really wasn't any interest in me. Moins

Strange Question?

Finisher my pharmacy Assistant Program at Sheridan Colleg. Then went to continuing education for Medical Office Administrator Program and I passed it successfully at Medix College Moins

Tata Consultancy Services

1. What do you mean by Phase 1 Clinical Trials?

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In phase one we chacke only efficacy of drug

1. What are your skillets?


Tell me about a time when.....

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Show teamwork and priortization in examples.

For all behavioral interview questions (that all begin similarly, seeking a specific past example to try to predict future behavior - generally one of the best (and standard) interviewing techniques) try to draw from your list of past accomplishments. (You do have a list of 4-6 significant accomplishments ready, don't you??) You get a grade B if you have a specific example that answers their question, grade A if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment, and grade A+ if your example resulted in a significant accomplishment that you can quantify ($'s saved, % improvement, etc.). Moins


You are overqualified, why?

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There is normal and reasonable answer to this strange question?

Wow, an incredible question?Maybe being overqualified is a sin?!

TRU Community Care

Tell me about yourself..and then was cut off to talk about challenges of being oldest non profit in area and how important there reputation is and that they need to increase census.

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Reviewed of course relevant job experience but then was cut off by one person seemed to be the senior person in group. No one else talked. It was uncomfortable and negative. I wonder if this was a stress interview. It was uncomfortable. I would have liked to talk to rest of group without senior person there....but interviews are opportunities for applicants to interview organizations to so it gave me maybe an idea of senior management so it was good for me to see Moins

That's par for the course. They have poor management, and poor track record of hiring practices Moins

Planned Parenthood

What is one way you would help manage Clinician Turnover?

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I believe in a form of management known as "walking around" management. Working on the ground with staff members and getting to hear their concerns in a more "natural" environment rather than a more formal setting like a one-on-one with management. Moins

Determine the root causes and get directly to the source that triggers it then push the issue into a plan of correction and adhere to it consistently. Moins


How would you handle a PI who could or would not recruit patients

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There could be obstacles to patient recruitment so it's about identifying those factors and mitigation them. It could be that the PI is too busy or lacks the logistical support from a study coordinator Moins

I would set up a meeting with PI to understand the factors which are affecting patient recruitment and see if mechanisms can be put in place to improve patient recruitment. I would also discuss with the PI that they projected to recruit x amount of patients at the pre study visit and site initiation visit and would like to know what has changed since those projections. If an effective solution could not be found then I would close the site down Moins

University of Michigan

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

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I'd be a banana, because I like them and I'd want to like myself as a fruit. Also, they travel easily. ;) Moins

Trick question! The answer is irrelevant. it's more of an indicator of personal humor and creativity. For example: I am like an orange... After you tear away the tough outer layer, a sweet treat awaits! Moins

AdventHealth Corporate

How do you cope with personal stress?

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Go for a walk, listen to music, talk with firends

Back off and and rethink the situation.


Why do you want to move from your current position to another position

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Can be hard to answer & not bash current position/employer.

Looking for professional growth and longevity in my career

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