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On a demandé à un Clinical Research Coordinator I...13 juin 2022

How to help a client having difficulty with the software/password reset. Tell us about a time you had to stand for and support a situation as required by ethical standards.


1. What attracted you to Curebase? 2. Tell me of a time you had a difficult scenario with a patient?


Found on Glassdoor previously as of January 2022.


They asked why I would like to join the company as a clinical research coordinator. They also asked about my previous experience in the medical field. They asked how would I manage a conflicting situation. They asked why I was leaving my current job position.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Asked basic questions such as why I wanted to work at VUMC and why I would excel in the position.


What is your experience in the research field?


What is the main role of the CRA?

Edwards Lifesciences

Tell me why you applied to Edwards

Boston Children's Hospital

What are your strengths and what can you bring to the team?

Seattle Children's

Asked about experiences, education, etc.

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