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Richmond Pharmacology
On a demandé à un Clinical Research Physician...20 mars 2018

What do you know about this company

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This company lies. This company (Keith) fills out its own Glassdoor reviews.

Whatever you do; don’t mention the reviews on here in reference to answering this question!! Moins

Richmond Pharmacology

Why would you want to work here?

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I wouldn’t and/or don’t want to work here.


Why you want to work here? How would you cope with expectation for high recruitment Previous experience? Expectation from the role

MAC Clinical

Why MAC? What is GCP?

Panthera Biopartners

They asked about my experience in research

Richmond Pharmacology

When is your GMC revalidation due?

Richmond Pharmacology

How long would you plan to stay here?


Can you please describe your career path?


Just the typical job interview questions: about my experience, my knowledge about the company, how do I want to proceed with my career at Synexus.

Eli Lilly and Company

none. not standardized

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