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Estée Lauder Companies
On a demandé à un Clinical Research Scientist...21 août 2018

Are you comfortable touching people’s faces? (Large part of the job) Are you comfortable working odd hours? (Early as 7am as those are the times that participants could come in to test the products)

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Yes I'm willing to work early hours

Yes I'm willing to work early hours. Don't mind early hours.Its helping the employer by someone taking hours that someone might not want Moins


First the ask me about my professional background and experience in clinical research.

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I told her a summary about my professional background with emphasis in my labor as a Principal Investigator Moins


regular old fashioned interview.. not STAR type, tell me about yourself, what is your role, define your role, what are your expectations, what is your salary expectation, expamples of hard situation that you faced. how did you manage hard people, what is your style of conflict resolution, how do you manage team, how do you work in cross functional team. did you work in global studies

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responsibilities handled in the previous job, what is expected in this job, what is the career growth path, what is are the other scopes and avenues in the company, working in cross functional teams, managing vendors, managing the clnical associates, data cleaning, safety reviews, day to day work reporting Moins

Purdue Pharma

Tell me about a major issue that occurred in which you saved the day?

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As a middle manager, putting out fires is a daily event, stop asking that question Moins

Eli Lilly and Company

"Tell me about a time..." (this is a common question and includes a host of variations on the question. This is probably the single most important question to be prepared to answer). "Why do you want to be involved in this work?" "What values drive you professionally?" "What makes you want to work at Lilly?" "What questions do you have for me about the role, Lilly, pharma?"

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Answered each based on my experience, expertise, and expectations. Key was knowing my own resume, my true values, and reading a lot about Lilly and their interests before the interview to ensure I felt it would be a right fit. Moins


Generally, ask about real world experiences and how you handle them.

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Gave examples of how I handle the situations relating to the position I was interviewing for. Moins

Methodist Health System

What is your favorite part of research?

AKRN Scientific Consulting

¿Por que te interesa el puesto?

Purdue Pharma

Give me an explanation of how the last compound studies worked st a molecular level. Non proprietary info only, I want to see how good your science is.

Viracor Eurofins

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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